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2ic are specialist consultants in irrigation and water resourcing.
We engineer and manage bespoke water systems throughout the UK and across the world.

We have over 60 years' experience and have designed irrigation for golf courses – from prestige to community courses – plus sports pitches and public gardens. We specialise in ground water surveys and development.
We also design water features, reservoirs, water supplies, private water systems including special events such as music festivals.
We work with Doug Bates of GeoDivining International for all our geological information.
Whatever your water needs, we’ll have a solution.

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2ic are specialist consultants in the engineering and management of irrigation systems and rural water supply schemes. The practice was formed in 1999 to answer all the irrigation and water questions asked by golf course architects, secretaries, greenkeeping staff, sports turf management, landscape architects, agronomists and land agents.

We are a world class company with a great deal of international experience.


Managing Director - ASIC

Phil has extensive experience in the design, construction supervision and project management of irrigation systems, both in the UK and Europe since 1990. He has specialist skills in the location of underground water sourcing, combining geological evaluation with water divining.

He has plenty of hands-on experience in the installation of irrigation systems, having spent several years as a contractor. There is not an irrigation installation job that he has not done himself, from installing pipes, valves and sprinklers through to control wiring and setting up the computer with its database.

As a consultant, Phil has designed, installed and overseen the installation of many types of irrigation systems, including golf projects, football stadia and large garden projects in conjunction with private developers. His specialist skills have been brought to bear on water resourcing for remote locations for housing developers, large dairy farms and domestic properties. Phil has served as Vice Chairman of the British Turf and Landscape Association where he was responsible for setting up a technical support facility to ensure that standards were being upheld in the industry.


Company Administrator

Linda has a wealth of experience in business administration. Graduated from Stirling University she has held post at banks,  BT, Stirling Council, Dyson and Saica Natur waste management services. Tasked now with maintaining the company accounts and supporting the directors, she has been an important addition to the team. We are delighted to have Linda within the 2ic family.


Chief Engineer & Director- MIAgrE

Bill has been engineering irrigation and water supply projects since 1960 in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. He was the first person to install a pop-up sprinkler on a golf course in the British Isles and as founder, owner and later chairman of Watermation Ltd was directly responsible for many of the innovations that have driven the irrigation industry forward over the last three decades.

He was the pioneer of the two-wire irrigation control system and one of the founders of the British Turf and Landscape Irrigation Association - the self regulating body of the British industry. Bill was for many years a professional member of ASIC and carried out some large scale golf irrigation projects in the USA. Bill is an acknowledged leader in the design of pumping and hydraulic systems as well as earth bank winter storage reservoirs.


Project Manager

David has joined 2iC as Project Manager with a wide range of Contracting and Management experience with Golf, Landscape and Infrastructure Projects, including earthworks, drainage, lake & reservoir construction, irrigation installation, soft and hard landscaping having worked within the Sports Turf and Construction Industry for over 45 years both in the UK and other European countries.

David has proven management, communication and leadership skills at all levels having been involved in design, construction and  management operations at various Landscape Facilities and Golf Operations to a high standard, including Stakeholder Liaison, strategic planning, commercial & contract management, decision making, problem solving, project delivery, programme management together with creating and managing diverse teams to ensure successful delivery of projects. Dedicated to maintain high standards of HS&E, quality and excellence with the ability to lead, challenge and direct groups of various disciplines, numbers and nationalities, to provide motivation to all personnel and achieve a high level of presentation and workmanship.

David was the Project Manager, responsible for the delivery of both soft and hard landscapes, Park Wide for the Olympic Delivery Authority from February 2008 until January 2012, where he then took over as Service Manager until November 2012 before moving on to the NEC Supervisor role for Soft and Hard landscape works on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for Atkins on behalf of London Legacy Development Corporation during December 2012 until its completion in December 2014.



Irrigation System


Irrigation Audits


Pumping Station






Design &




Geological Surveys




Water Supply Schemes




Planning Consents


Water Harvesting Schemes


and Safety Plans

Just about everything to do with water within private estates, sports and the leisure world!
Our clients and their requirements are extremely varied.

Take a look at our services to show what we can offer and our projects section which demonstrates some of the projects we have completed  and are currently working on.

We are quite at home designing an irrigation system for a golf course, sports pitch or landscape project but also happy to design and oversee a complete potable water supply system.

We understand hydraulics and our engineering skills and years of experience mean that we can answer all your water needs. So whatever your water needs, we are the people to talk to.



The qualifications and experience within 2ic provide a one-stop shop for all irrigation and water supply issues. At the heart of the company is a dedication and commitment to provide cost-conscious and trustworthy engineering advice and designs.


Both senior partners have extensive on-site experience in installing pipe work and sprinklers, and putting together pumping systems and control systems. This first-hand experience gives their designs a practical edge - drawings and specifications are much more than just theory or mere sales tools.


2ic as a consultancy works for its clients only and work is carried out with the overriding premise that the client's interest comes first - above 2ic's, and above any manufacturer or contractor. 2ic receives 100 per cent of its income through professional fees only.


This core philosophy has led to the development of a longstanding trust between the practice and its clients. It means that 2ic consultants are not merely system specifiers but are empowered by their clients to make qualified evaluations of contractors and manufacturers, and present such facts in an unbiased and independent manner.

Our Services

Design of Irrigation

Water Resourcing
 and Reservoirs

GPS and
General Surveying

Special Events
and Festivals

Contract Management
and Legal Obligations

Design of Irrigation Systems


As completely independent engineers with vast exprience, 2iC will carefully determine the actual site requirements, taking into account, weather, soils, topography, available energy and water supplies and then design the most cost effective system.


Energy Efficiency

Real energy efficiency is all about ensuring that water is not lifted to a higher level (pressure) than absolutely necessary to run the system. We avoid the use of pressure regulating valves except in exceptional circumstances. This efficiency is achieved, not only by the pump selection, but also by the overall system design.



This comes from careful attention to detail with the engineering. We believe that complexity should be limited to meet the actual need, not the latest fashion being marketed by large companies. Sound engineering leads to reliable systems. Our motto is – “What you don’t fit can’t go wrong”!


Trouble shooting

Because of the range of our knowledge in the areas of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and irrigation engineering we are able to quickly determine the cause of problems and propose the most efficient and cost effective solution.


Pumping Systems

The pump is the heart of the system. More irrigation systems fail to provide proper performance because of poorly selected or installed pumps than any other single reason. 2iC are the acknowledged leaders in this industry on pump station engineering.


Irrigation Auditing

Over a period of time irrigation systems often seem to lose the brilliance of performance that you remember when it wasfirst commissioned – Why is this? Well there are many reasons, not least being additions or changes made by well meaning folks.

Call us in and we will audit the whole system, identify any issues and you will soon be back to full performance.

It may have been poorly designed in the first place but don’t worry, we will soon find a way to rectify the shortfalls at a sensible cost.

Water Resourcing and Reservoirs


Finding Water Underground

2ic will determine the available water resources from underground by studying geological surveys and in some cases where appropriate by Water Divining. This will ensure that the chances of drilling a dry borehole will be minimised.


Natural Watercourses

Extraction from streams and rivers is strictly controlled by the Environment Agency. If we think it is possible to obtain an abstraction licence then 2iC will carry out the necessary hydrological survey and negotiate the licence.


Water Harvesting

This term is applied to the collection of wastewater run off from hard surfaces and other similar areas. This can also include grey water from the outfall of a sewage treatment works. This does not require a licence however attention to the water quality, its treatment and the likely impact upon the grass or plants, is critical. In addition to engineering the water collection system, 2iC will examine the water and propose the necessary treatment.



To be sure of a water supply for your irrigation you need to be able to store enough water in winter to meet the summer demand. If you can achieve thisyou will be independent of Water Companies and the high associated cost.

The design of a reservoir is not just a simple civil engineering project but also one that must take into account the flora and fauna of the site hence if necessary a full ecological survey will be completed. We work closely with all the authorities (Local planners, Environment Agency, Natural England, SEPA and local resident groups) to ensure that the construction receives total support.

Whatever it takes – build a scale model, hold public meetings, 2ic will do it all for you. As a result of work that we have been doing with the Environment Agency, easier planning is likely, due to recommendations being built into the 2010 Water Resources Act. We specialise in undergroundhidden reservoirs which are often the only solution for water storage in areas of sensitive ecological nature or where the available area is limited.

GPS and General Surveying


2ic will carry out a complete survey of your site by GPS or Total Station method so that you have a detailed accurate plan. This will be provided in both paper and digital format so that you will have the ability to mark up and use separate parts of the plan, calculate areas, measure distances and will know accurately the routes for the buried services.


Special Events and Festivals


Special events pose difficult engineering problems. Many sites are located in remote areas away from regular services. The event organisers are often guessing at the number of people who will attend and hence the expected water consumption.


2ic have built up a wealth of experience in the area and have engineered the water supply systems for such events as The Festival of Speed and Vintage on the Goodwood Estate site.


We will help you determine the likely requirement and organise all the contractors to carry out the work and provide emergency backup during the event.

Contract Management and Legal Obligations


Nearly all works will need to meet some legal requirement. 2ic are skilled in Contract Management and will take many of the burdens from you the customer. Both Senior Directors hold The Managerial & Professional Health and Safety Test Certificate and are JIB Registered.


Contract Management

2iC have developed a standard set of clear contract terms that are well suited to irrigation works being fair to client and contractor. The use of these terms avoids misunderstandings. We will handle the whole contract, setting out works, checking quality, approving payments, checking Health and Safety and will ensure that this is done right through to the end of the on-site warranty.


CDM Regulations

CDM (Contract Design Management) are a set of regulations drawn up to apply to certain commercial construction works. They are designed not only to address Health & Safety issues, but also to ensure that everything has been properly considered from Design through to completion and beyond to facilitate the long-term maintenance. There are limits to the application based on the size of the contract. 2ic will take care of all the Legal Requirements of this contract law.


Health and Safety

2ic will ensure that the contractor and client have an adequate Health & Safety Plan and that proper consideration is taken of the construction issues in this regard.


Professional Indemnity

Although we are confident of all the decisions we make and we hope you are too, we cover the unlikely event that we make a mistake by having a Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy with Lloyds of London to the value of $500,000.00 for each and every claim. In addition to the Professional Indemnity insurance we also have Public Liability Insurance to £10 million.



  • Rungsted Golf Klub, Copenhagen

    Rungsted Golf Club located close to the sea to the North of Copenhagen Denmark

    Since October 2000, when Bill Hawthorn carried out an audit of the irrigation system at this club, 2iC has provided technical support to enable the system to be gradually improved using both the club’s own staff and some specialist contractors. This audit identified the good items and the remaining life available for all equipment. The PC based Rainbird 2 wire control system continues to function well to this day.

    The first works concentrated on achieving a high coefficient of uniformity for the greens so the greenkeeper could embark on a programme of restoring the grass type to 100% fescue. This was followed by the tees and then the pumping station and water supply. Finally in the spring of 2015 the main line was replaced with a revised polyethylene pipe system that has sufficient capacity to facilitate expansion of the irrigation to many of the fairways.

    Throughout all these works the course was kept fully open for play. Always the improvements have been achieved inside a tight budget without any sacrifice in quality.


  • Airlinks Golf Club, Heathrow

    Airlinks Golf Club located adjacent to the M4 near to London Heathrow Airport

    Bill Hawthorn designed the original irrigation system for this course when it was constructed on a landfill site back in the 1980s. The site has once again become a landfill site but the course is being rebuilt on the restored land. Bill has designed new system to irrigate the greens and tees. The system is a straightforward simple design to provide the degree of control needed. The owners already own 3 other courses so equipment choices have been made to provide uniformity of spares between all the courses. Installation will proceed in phases by the main golf course contractor as landfill areas are completed. Works to be complete in 2016.


  • Caddington Golf Club

    This 18 hole course was originally part of the Vauxhall Motors social club facilities. It has now become a landfill site. A new course of 27 holes is being constructed in stages as the areas of filled land become available. 2iC has provided a system design and bill of quantity so the phased installation always ensure that the completed parts can be commissioned. 2ic are supervising installation works by the main contractor and a specialist irrigation contractor. Works are expected to be completed by the spring of 2016.

  • Angmering Park Estate,  near Arundel West Sussex

    This country estate located in a National Park Area comprises, farms, an industrial estate, woodland and a number of country houses most of which are located at high elevations on the South Downs. The elevations are such that the public water company is unable to provide sufficient pressure. Over the years various contractors have therefore developed the water supplies, some from boreholes and some from low-level reservoirs filled from the public mains supply.

    In 2010 2iC undertook a survey of the systems. This revealed some serious hydraulic and public health issues. Immediate actions were implemented to protect the health of the public and then a gradual works plan was designed and set in motion in stages to provide an adequate safe water supply to all users. The whole system has been re-arranged, unsafe reservoirs eliminated, leaks traced and cured. The final phases will take place over the next 12 months. These works have not only dealt with the public health and efficiency issues but have dramatically cut the costs of providing the water supply to the users. The whole system has been surveyed and accurate plans provided. There are now action plans in place to meet the requirements of the Public Health Inspector.

  • Glynde Estate, near Lewes East Sussex

    This country estate comprises a farm, the main house, various country cottages, the village of Glynde and an event site. It is located on the southern slopes of the South Downs and thus posses’ elevation challenges for the water system. The water supply is a private one from a well into the chalk at the old dairy. 2iC undertook an initial survey of the system in the spring or 2012. This survey revealed hydraulic and public health issues.

    Urgent steps were implemented to clear the public health issues and then the system was redesigned to eliminate unnecessary storage, better pressures and security of supply. A water system for the Music event site was included. The well was made safe both mechanically and from possible pollution. All the works have been carried out by specialised contractors under 2iC supervision. The final phase of improvement works are scheduled for 2015/16.

  • Standean Farm, located just North of Brighton on the South Downs

    This site is located on the southern slope of the South Downs. There are various houses located at very high elevations and also a Travellers site by the A27. The land belongs to the Brighton Council. Southern Water Company provide the water supply via dedicated booster pump maintained by them. 2iC were asked to look at the system as Southern Water were concerned about public health issues. The issues were quickly identified and a work program implemented to overcome the problems. 2iC are now working on revised designs to improve the efficiency and provide extra water for the planned increase in the size of the Travellers site.

  • Olympic Park - London Legacy - Queen Elizabeth Park

    This site has the largest automated landscape irrigation system in Europe. The time scales meant that in order to progress the works at a rapid way the chosen project method was to let the installation to a number of main landscape constructors and irrigation contractors. It was clear that independent supervision was required so in 2009 2iC were engaged to fulfil this role. With our vast experience we were not only able to ensure that the works were carried out to the specifications but also to help and encourage the contractors to meet quality and tight time scale requirements.

    Once the Olympic Games were over the Legacy project was implemented to transform the site to the Queen Elizabeth Park, 2iC were once again chosen to fulfil the supervisory roll but this time the duties were extended to cover the two international hockey pitches and the interactive fountain system. The works were completed on time in the autumn of 2014.

  • Lanhill House Gardens and Pond Restoration

    This private hose is situated in the Wiltshire countryside close to the Castle Combe Motor racing circuit. It has an irrigation system installed over 20 years ago with a private water supply.

    2ic have been commissioned to restore it to service and make alterations to cope with the planned expansion and alterations to the garden. 2ic has also been commissioned to bring the pond back to health by sorting out filtration and water fall. Water tests have been completed from the borehole and a new pump and pipe network installed from the borehole to the water storage tank. 2ic have supervised the works with a specialist contractors and works are expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

  • West Sussex Golf Club

    This wonderful club located near Pulborough in West Sussex is a classic course having abundant fescue greens tees and fairways. It is maintained with a low fertilizer policy and therefore to combat the wear and tear it is vital to maintain soil moisture during the summer months. The club were aware of this back in the 1980s when Bill Hawthorn designed their irrigation system. At that time a licence was obtained for a summer abstraction borehole. Over the years there have been issues of running out of water due to the hourly and daily limit of abstraction placed on the borehole. Additional tanks were added but these were only a short-term measure.

    2iC were consulted and came up with a plan to construct a large open topped reservoir that would accept the borehole supply at the steady rate thus when the demand is low the reservoir fills and then provides the supply at the times of high demand.

    As the site is in an area of outstanding natural beauty there were many obstacles to be overcome. 2iC carried out all the design work and planning and in 2014 supervised the construction. The client wanted 3 million gallons of usable water. This was achieved whilst leaving a substantial amount of water in the bottom in order to maintain water quality. Because the reservoir can be seen from the clubhouse the embankments were designed to flow in curves like a sand dune. The fencing was placed at low level so as not to be in prominent view.

  • Tankersley Park Golf Course

    The golf club is situated west of the M1 motorway just north of Sheffield. 2ic have been commissioned to design a new water transfer system and complete new irrigation system to cover the 18 holes, greens tees and fairways. It will have new water storage facility and pumping plant installed at a central location. The site is challenging with large elevation differences and a remote water supply on the opposite side of the motorway. The project will be installed in phases beginning with the relocation of the pump station and the introduction of filtration on the private borehole water supply. The design work is complete and the project split up into phases. Phase one will be put out to tender by the end of 2015.

  • Ditcham Park School

    This is a private school on the top of the downs south of Petersfield, it currently has a private water supply with a dedicated pipe network and buried water storage facilities. 2ic have been engaged to complete a feasibility study to ascertain the practicalities and costs of replacing the system with a supply from the local water authority. The nearest supply is several miles from the site and runs across private land owned by several other people. There are serious elevation challenges and will require careful design to overcome the issues. There will be a need for the new system to be economical for the school to operate into the future.

  • Swindon Rugby Club

    This is a private club with several rugby pitches, one of which is being renovated under the watchful eye of Noel Mackenzie of Sports Turf Consulting Ltd. Noel engaged 2ic to assist with the drainage of the site by designing a pumping station to remove the water from the site. 2ic’s involvement is purely a desk top project.

  • St James School

    This is a private school in London having a new sports field constructed by contractors and under the watchful eye of Sports Turf Consulting Ltd. 2ic was again asked to monitor the installation of the contractors proposed irrigation system and water supply. We have produced a report and approved the contractors design and we will inspect the system before it is handed over to the client for use. We completed a site inspection to identify an alternative water supply to the mains system currently in use.

  • Titsey Hill Estate

    This private estate is located on the side of the hill just to the north of the M25 in Surrey. It has a private water supply utilising two boreholes and underground reservoir. 2ic has been commissioned to check the system over and make recommendations as to any improvements that might be needed to bring it in line with current drinking water regulations. We have overseen the replacement of one of the water tanks and introduced automatic chlorination to the supply, replacing the UV system that was installed. Further works will be undertaken later this year to ensure the system remains secure and complies with public health inspection standards.

  • Cold Harbour Farm

    This private estate is located on the west of the M25 in Buckinghamshire. This estate has a water system supplied by the local water authority. 2ic has been commissioned to establish all the water outlets and plot the system by GPS. Produce a report on the condition of the system and make any suggest any upgrades that may be required by the new regulations covering drinking water supplies. This work is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

  • Stegarii CC Romania

    This project involved the construction of a driving range, golf academy and outdoor tennis courts, to a well-known indoor tennis club and resort in the Baneasa Forest just in the northern part of Bucharest, Romania. This was designed by Johnathan Gaunt of “Gaunt Golf Designs” and 2ic was one of the consultants forming a full team from the UK who worked together to produce the facility. 2ic designed and oversaw the full installation of the irrigation system to cover the golf academy, outside tennis courts and the entire outfield of the driving range, including target greens. A local contractor completed the system installation with the help of the onsite Project Manager and Shaper, Ian Futcher, with 2ic attending regularly to inspect the works until completion. This work has now been completed and is fully operational.

  • New Barn Farm

    This estate is situated on the chalk downs just north of Brighton. It has a water supply from the local water authority and serves two separate residences, one a farm and the other a private residence. 2ic were commissioned to design a new independent supply for each location. A new water storage tank was installed with two separate sections and then two individual pumping stations supplying each end user via their own metered supply pipe. This work was undertaken by a local contracting company and supervised by the clients and completed during the beginning of 2015.

  • Additional works

    2ic have been involved in addition projects during the last year, some of which are sensitive locations or with clients wishing to remain anonymous.  We have been invited to work with several others projects which we are currently awaiting confirmation of appointment.


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