Please find below some testimonials from our customers over the years.


Our irrigation system was designed by a contractor and installed by a subcontractor from Preston in England. Over the years it proved very unreliable, particularly in regard to the pumping station and the sprinkler coverage was poor. We were recommended by Rosslare GC to contact 2ic to sort it all out.

They carried out a very detailed analysis of the system including undertaking a complete GPS Survey and produced a plan of action. At the first visit, they identified the fact that the pumping station suction arrangements were faulty from the start and that was the reason for the many failures of mechanical seals that had occurred.

We preferred to use our local contractor, who had been providing a good spares and repairs service, to carry out remedial and improvement works for all the field works and to stay with Rainbird equipment. 2ic produced a detailed work program for them to work to, controlled the costs and supervised the works through to completion. The system performance is now up to standard.

We liked the fact that 2ic know how to make the best use of existing resources thus avoiding unnecessary replacement. We would certainly not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Stephen Hoey, Golf Course Superintendent, Laytown & Bettystown Golf Club



Over my years at Turnberry I have used Phil to oversee the irrigation needs of the Links, his knowledge, attention to detail and understanding of our requirements has been invaluable. It has meant we have a system that has been designed and installed to high standards, which gives us peace of mind and allows us to get on with the rest of the job.

George Brown Courses Manager Turnberry



St Andrews Links were very pleased with the supervisory work Phil undertook in the installation of the irrigation system during the construction of The Castle Course from 2005 until its completion in 2008. He was diligent at all times and has an immense knowledge of his subject.

The first day Phil arrived on site with his rods to search for water by divining I was very sceptical, but I have to say he was proven to be 100% accurate in where the water was and at what depth and over 80% accurate with the amount available. It was a most impressive display and I would have no hesitation in requesting his assistance again in the future.

Gordon Moir Director of Greenkeeping St Andrews Links



A local irrigation contractor had replaced the main line, pumps and control system of our irrigation system in 1998, to their design, but it never worked very well. They failed to provide an accurate AS BUILT plan. We managed with the system until in 2008 decided to address the issues and upgrade the greens, tees and approaches and add PC control. In view of the past difficulties we decided to call in independent consulting engineers, 2ic.

What a breath of fresh air it was to have very experienced people look at the problems and come up with sensible solutions. 2ic surveyed and produced plans and specifications and then put the job out to tender on our behalf. The chosen contractor did an excellent job under the close supervision of 2ic. Overall we are entirely satisfied with the engineering, the costs and the finished project and have no hesitation in recommending 2iC to other clubs.

Chris Toop Course Manager, Langley Park Golf Club , London



Getting Phil Langdon in from the start of the project has made the process easier for the committee to understand, the suppliers informed of what is required and keeps everything crystal clear with no muddy water.

Bruce Cruickshank Course Manager Hamilton Golf Club



When I was asked to provide a reference for Mr Bill Hawthorn’s work I did not know where to start such was the quality of the man and his work.

In 1984 I was appointed Course Manger at the famous Lausanne golf club in Switzerland which had just hosted the World Amateur Championships. The club had only just installed a new Toro irrigation system which was a complete disaster as they had tried to connect plastic pipes to 40 year old existing galvanised pipes. The whole system did not operate. Before my appointment the previous Course Manager had recommended Bill and his company Watermation to Lausanne G.C. to look at the installed Toro system.

My first meeting with Bill was one of total admiration for his technical knowledge but also the fact that he thought about the customer and how to keep the costs down. Bill designed a total new system for Lausanne giving me exactly what I needed. Previously the Toro company had worked on site for 12 months. Watermation installed all new pipe work, electrics, new pumping station and a block system for greens and tees with impact sprinklers in just over 5 weeks from start to finish with absolutely no mess to the course. A totally professional job done by a team of 4 workers leaving my Board at the time speechless when they had had to endure 12 months of disruption previously.

This system ran perfectly during my time at the club which was 14 years and the support I had from Bill during all those years was first class.

I have to say that the whole of Bill’s family are involved in the irrigation profession and over the last 26 years I have worked with most of them in some capacity and they are all as enthusiastic and professional as Bill. From Lausanne I worked for 3 years at Nuneaton G.C. in the Midlands. Once again I inherited an irrigation system that was old, unreliable and that needed replacing. I contacted Bill who surveyed the old system, highlighted all the serious faults with it and designed a system that was easy for all the staff to use, that was very affordable to the club and gave total satisfaction.

From Nuneaton I moved to Rungsted G.C. in Denmark in 2000. Yet again the irrigation system at this club was performing very badly. We employed Bill as a Consultant to give us a report on the present system. This time I also inherited a staff of skilled, competent individuals. Bill identified the major faults from having 7 different types of green sprinklers in use to wrong pipe sizes and flow rate problems. Bill prepared a schedule of works to be undertaken and my team and I implemented all of the changes from replacing pipe work and sprinklers around every green and also replacing the whole tees system.

More recently Bill has formed a new company 2ic. To show you the kind of man Bill Hawthorn is, last year whilst on a cruise with his wife his ship had a stop off at Copenhagen. We had been discussing our present pumping station before and Bill insisted on spending some 4 hours in my pump station drawing up plans to make it run more efficiently and this is while he should have been sightseeing with his wife in Copenhagen.

Bill had taken on his nephew Phil Langdon, as a Director of the new company. Following many discussions with Phil and after looking at all the photos that Bill had taken of my pump house last year my staff rebuilt the pump station to Phil’s specification. We had also changed all the sprinklers 2 years previously which were having problems due to the pressure settings in the pump station. Phil came out in spring this year for 2 days to control the new pumping station and set the pumps to run efficiently. He also produced a Bill of Works for us to install approach watering this autumn.

Anybody reading this reference should know that were they to use Bill Hawthorn or Phil Langdon’s company you would get the most professional pair of gentlemen in the irrigation business today. A more genuine caring person than Bill Hawthorn you will not find and I am happy to say that he has become not just a great source of inspiration to me over the years with his work ethic but a family friend.

Ian C Tomlinson Course Manager Rungsted G.C. Denmark



2ic are currently undertaking a water harvesting reservoir project here at Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club. 2ic's professionalism throughout this project has been invaluable to me personally and more importantly to the club. Over a period of two years the local authority planning department placed numerous seemingly insurmountable obstacles in our path and Bill Hawthorn dealt with them calmly (at least on the outside he appeared calm) and with the utmost efficiency until full planning consent was granted. I have no doubt that the finished article will be exactly as planned thanks to Bill’s knowledge of the subject and his choice of contractor.

Douglas Neeve Secretary Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club



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